New Dynamic One Touch Options From TradeRush

New Dynamic One Touch Options From TradeRush – A Brief Overview And Analysis

Arguably the leader in binary options trading technology and innovation, TradeRush is at it once again with a brand new innovative feature which is exclusive to them: Dynamic One Touch Options. These new trading instruments are an interesting modification of the standard One Touch Option contract and they will open up a whole new range of trading possibilities and profit opportunities. We have had a bit of time to play around with them at this point and we have placed enough trades to get a pretty good feel for this new contract type. So far we like what we see in terms of trading possibilities and more complex strategy construction. It appears to us that they will be a useful speculative instrument to have around. Though it is still relatively early yet to be putting in the “final word” on these instruments. What we can say for sure though is that these new dynamic one touch options will be a very welcome addition to the lineup for those in the binary options trading enthusiast camp – ourselves included – and we look forward to exploring their potential more thoroughly in the future.

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Dynamic One Touch Options Overview

Dynamic One Touch Options are clearly a form of, and are very similar to, the standard one touch binary options offered by many brokers. This new variety of one touch option, however, is more flexible and can be traded throughout the week, rather than just on the weekends as it is with the standard one touch contracts. With TradeRush’s new dynamic one touch options the trader simply chooses their preferred asset and then decides whether or not this asset will ‘Touch’ or ‘No Touch’ some pre-defined level during the equally pre-defined period of the option contract. The trader controls the asset and the expiration time while the broker defines the levels that must be touched, or not touched (based on a bollinger-band/volatility type analysis). Payouts on the dynamic one touch option can range from 80%-250% depending on the underlying asset being traded, the contract expiry time frame, and the volatility of both the specific asset in question, as well as overall market conditions.

Before doing the writing for this article we wanted to get reasonably familiar with this new contract type at TradeRush. To try to learn the various pros and cons, and how to go about trading these dynamic one touch options in at least a potentially profitable manner. We also wanted to briefly explore the potential of these new dynamic one touch options for hedging, or for use in more complex strategies using multiple binary option contracts. In our attempt to accomplish this we placed a fairly large number of these trades, over a period of about a week, and using a good variety of underlying assets, as well as varying expiry lengths, return rates, and market direction (CALL/PUT).

By the end of that week’s trading we felt that we had a reasonably good handle on these new “dynamic one touch options” now being offered by TradeRush (and potentially other brokers too as they eventually play “follow the leader” with TR).

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Overall we found the new dynamic one touch options now being offered at TradeRush to be a very nice addition to the various existing contract types which are currently widely available for your binary options trading strategies. Used “properly”, used as part of a broader overall trading strategy or investment thesis, along with solid money management practices dynamic one touch options can be a very useful new tool in your overall trading toolbox. We plan to continue to use these dynamic options occasionally in our own trading and we feel fairly confident that they will generally be well received by the binary options trading community. More trading options (contract types, underlying assets, etc.) usually means more potential trading opportunities, which in turn means more potential for trading profits for the trader.


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