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best binary options brokers offering forex tradingThis page consists of a collection of all the best and most popular binary options brokers currently serving the market and known to us at BOTSchool. Determinations on who makes the cut, and where they fall in the list are based mostly on our own trading experiences, customer feedback from other traders, overall popularity, and other publicly available information acquired through research. And while there are certainly other worthwhile brokers out there we feel confident that this list represents the “cream-of-the-crop” in the current market landscape. However, this is a highly competitive market and it will only become more so as it continues to grow and become more mainstream. This sort of competition is great for us traders, driving innovation and raising the bar for customer service. And it is for that reason that this page is always subject to change. It too must evolve along with this rapidly growing market, as these and other binary options brokers continue to innovate and jockey for position in this hyper-competitive niche.

The brokers which we have included in our list below are generally in order of preference, from the top standouts on down to the simply solid competitors. However, all the brokers included here are quality, reliable organizations with favorable records on customer service and aside from those top couple or few truly standout players, it largely comes down to your personal preferences and needs as a trader. A matter of taste, so to speak. For this reason we decided to present the “list” in a chart format which includes many of the most important distinctions between brokers. This makes for quick and easy comparisons between the brokers that we include so that you can see which brokers have the services you want and need, and which do not. There are of course other differences which some may want to consider that couldn’t be included here for space and brevity reasons but we think we did include all the most common deciding factors at least.

(Brokers Listed With *** Do Not Accept US-Based Clients.)

Binary BrokerContract Types Offered# Of Assets OfferedMin. DepositMax Standard ReturnsWelcome BonusSign Up Pages
TradeRushH/L, One-Touch, 60-Second, Pair Options, Builder100+$200Up to 81%Up to 100%
99BinaryH/L, One-Touch, 60-Second, Range120+$200Up to 85%Up to 100%

24Option*H/L, Touch, Boundary, Turbo100+$250Up to 89%Up to 100%

RedWood OptionsH/L, One-Touch, 60-Second, Pair Options, Builder100+$200Up to 81%Up to 100%

TopOptionH/L, One-Touch, 60-Second, Builder100+$100Up to 85%Up to 100%

StockPairPair Options Specialty + High/LowOver 200!!!$200350%/85%25%

AnyOption*H/L, One-Touch, Dynamic 0-100120+$200Up to 80%Ask Support

BeeOptionsH/L, One-Touch, 60-Second, Long-Term, Pairs120+$250Up to 85%Up to 150%!!!

Banc de Binary*H/L, 60-Second, One-Touch, Builder100+$250Up to 81%Up to 50%

GlobalTraderH/L, One-Touch, 60-Second, Builder80+$200Up to 81%Up To 50%

The Past, Present and Future of Binary Options Brokers

When we first began trading in binary options and reviewing the brokers who were offering this unique service there were only a small handful of options to choose from. Certainly less than two-dozen companies all told. Keeping up with the market and doing our blog was a heck of a lot easier in those days, but it also didn’t give us traders very many options to choose from, and there wasn’t much competition to drive innovation. That is definitely no longer the case. Since that time (late 2008) the popularity of binary options trading and the public’s awareness of it has grown exponentially. One of the results of this explosive growth in the industry has been a huge influx of new entrants to the market since early 2009. There are now well over 200 binary options brokers competing in this market for your business! This kind of competition is and has been great news for us traders and has driven constant innovation in the sector while also encouraging a high standard for customer service. We also expect that the rapid pace of change and innovation will only accelerate as binary options continue to become ever more mainstream. This will be an exciting market to watch in the coming years ahead!

Reader feedback is a very important factor in all our decisions on who makes the final cut on to our brokers page, and where on that page they belong. Reader suggestions and requests is also how we decide which brokers to review, or re-review next. So, whether it is regarding a broker found on our site, or one which is not mentioned here but that you have experience with or would like to see test reviewed then we want to hear from you! There is no better indicator of the quality of a broker’s service (or lack thereof) than that which comes from the shared experiences of other real traders. You can do that by leaving a comment here or by heading to our contact us page.

We feel confident that one would be hard-pressed to find any better service than that which is offered by the brokers that we have included in our list here. But if you have a favorite broker which you feel is unjustly excluded from our list then we want to hear your vote, and your reasoning for why they stand out!

4 Responses to Binary Options Brokers – List Of Our Best Brokers

  1. Gilberto Lozano says:

    Just to inform the community that I am having trouble withdrawing my money at Opteck. A certain Alex Katz(“Senior bróker”) is using delaying tactics to transfer my funds. Is there anyone who can help or advise.Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Thank you! After receiving several complaints in the last half of this year we removed them from any of our pages. It is too bad, they were a good and promising company when we first opened an account with them.

  2. Charles says:

    Hi there,
    Binary options looks interesting but I do have a few questions in my mind. Please correct me; brokers make their profit when traders lose.
    But let’s say I found a very reliable strategy or a robot that allows me to win every time. And I intend to profit $100,000 every single month. Do you think the brokers will be okay with that? Or as the story goes, most brokers will manipulate the figures to prevent a trader from winning too much

    • They will not manipulate the figures if they are one of the well-known reliable brokers. Those brokers make FAR too much money legitimately to risk it all just for a little more. What they will sometimes do, however, is just prevent your account from making any further trades. Kind of like what Vegas does when they think someone is counting cards or something.

      Stick with reputable brokers who have years-long established reputations for reliability and you’ll be just fine though. Good luck in all your trading activities!

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